Unicycle Quidditch rules

The players

A team shall have 7 players made up of

1 keeper -stays in scoring area , defends goals.

1 seeker -can go anywhere, tries to catch the Golden Snitch. Only seekers can touch the snitch. Seekers must be on the unicyle when they catch the snitch , but can fall off afterwards.

3 chasers -try to score goals by getting the quaffle through one of the goals. Only one chaser may in the scoring area at a time. The Quaffle may be thrown caght, carried or snatched. If a chaser falls off their uni they must drop the quaffle.

2 beaters -try to prevent gaols being scored using the bludgers to re-direct the quaffle or the chasers unicycle and protect their team from bludgers. Only one beater may be in the scoring area at a time.

Referees - we have found this game works best if there are in addition to a main ref, one or two snitch refs who control the releases of the snitch. These snitch refs can re-capture the snitch if they get to it before a seeker does.

The balls, goals and scoring.

Unicycle Quidditch is played with 4 balls.

1 quaffle  ( the funny looking ball)
2 bludgers ( basketballs or similar)
1 Golden Snitch ( a small high bounce ball)

Unicycle Quidditch goals  are three goals  similar to basketball hoops ( or boxes) arms reach apart at roughly head height.

After a goal is scored all beaters and chasers must leave the scoring area. The quaffle is then put back into play by the keeper.

A quaffle goal scores the team 10 points , catching the Golden Snitch scores the team 150 points and ends the game.

General rules

All players may only play a ball while they are on their unicycle, if any part of the player is on the ground they may not play a ball. Beaters or chasers  may get off to pick up a bludger or quaffle but MUST re-mount the unicycle before throwing it.

No pushing or shoving

No Bludgers to aimed at heads

The Snitch Referee shall decide when to release the snitch.

Referees or spectators may re-start the snitch bouncing if need be.

Play stops when referee blows a whistle for penalty shot to be taken.

Penalty Throws

Penalty throws shall be taken from any point on the scoring area line by a single chaser, only the keeper is to oppose them. If the shot does not result in a goal play continues.

Penalty throws will be awarded to the opposition by the ref if any team member comites a foul.

Fouls include but are not limited too.*

Stooging - more than one chaser or beater in the scoring area.

Snitchnip - a player other than the seeker touching the snitch.

Flaking- keeper stopping a quaffle while not on their unicycle.

Blagging - Any player holding another or their unicycle to slow or hinder them.

Cobbing - Excessive violence towards anther player.

*The dept for Magical Games and Sports refuse to release a complete list of fouls for fear of giving people ideas.

Diagram of Quidditch pitch.


Diagram of how to make a Quaffle

unicycle quidditch first devised at BJC 2001
 rules writen up by s.miler October 2001
revised after games played April 2002